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Please excuse the saw dust and clutter, as we are still under construction🛠
We'd ask you if you are 🍪hungry🍩 or ☕thirsty🥤, but we're not quite open yet🙂

Coming soon, you can grab your favorite café beverage at your favorite café location and get the latest updates toTechWealth™ events, conversations, company news, and opportunities.

Creating unique opportunities to socialize and visit, for memorable connections while practicing social distance.

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Unique Oportunities To Socialize and Visit.

(Pictured) A café visit with my good friend Bill, a retired UT Professor of the creative arts. He invited me to a café a few years ago. And, I've had the pleasure of visiting various locations with great conversation to this day.

Do you have any favorite coffee/café products with good companies behind them? Or, any favorite cafés which you have visited, or would like to? I invite you to explore café products and café houses from around the world to around the corner, with conversations around tech wealth, and, helping students in building tech wealth to invest within their success.

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Some features currently being rolled out...

  1. Get together virtually or in person.
  2. Buy café products that include kind mentions and/or profit percentage contributions.
  3. 100% of our café proceeds going to our social cause to benefit students and their communities through IT innovation.
  4. Hold “Office Hours” live on social media.
  5. Share information, answer questions, and interact with your followers.
  6. Learn/schedule upcoming events and/or purchase tickets.

Schedule a free café visit with us for initial meets/greets and consultations.