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We are in the process to provide café products that include kind mentions and/or profit percentage contributions. 100% of our café proceeds going to our social cause to benefit students and their communities through IT innovation. We also showcase products which offer similar contributions whether it's through us, or other avenues. If you would like to offer these types of items, we'd enjoy hearing from you to learn more.

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Table Set

Unique Variety

House Specialty Samples

Get aquanted by scheduling a free virtual café visit with us for initial meets/greets and consultations. Available in 20 minute increments (up to an hour) to help maximize your time while enjoying a short break.


Our Menus


Espresso Shot Intros

The base for various coffee drinks with characterisitcs to match meeting for initial intros and brief inquiries. Extra time can be added by mentioning 40, or 60 minute preferences in the Notes area.

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Opportunity Latte

Includes features for more in depth conversation document, screen, or whiteboard sharing.

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Registration Robusto

Available with Go Live, Just in Time, and Colaboration. Featuring Microsoft Teams.