Higher Education Accelerator


Utilizing TechWealth™ IT innovations in areas of Enterprise, Education, & Partner with Microsoft hosted, and supported technologies.

  • - CDX hosted/designed demo/lab environments
  • - Sample structure, new career role demos, data & templates
  • - Partner level access turning demo into production
  • - Premium support communities every step of the way


Microsoft Dynamics Higher EDU

Resources to more refined, faster, and smoother, calls of opportunity and action.


TechWealth™ Labs EDU365

Microsoft 365 EDU and ENT software packages combined with complete test & build environments.


Student success in higher education tech including, Transformation Framework for Higher Education.


Turning test trials and build efforts into reality.

New opportunities through the technologies behind them.

IT innovation resulting from our Microsoft developement cycle of 2019. New apps and services are in progress of being published at various sources, to include Microsoft AppSource, Commercial Marketplace, and GitHub.

TechWealth™ Labs EDU365 allows for a wide range of opportunities in a relaxed test environment, along with opportunities to meet others in areas of projects, companies, schools, communities and more. Ranging from 1 hour labs with simple intros without any commitment to 12 month labs where you can showcase your own roles and/or explore a wide range of new roles.

The common data model is an opportunity database. One of many new opportunities through innovation in our accelerator. Others include - custom flows, ribbons, opportunity builders, education success profiles, personal apps, portals and more. Available to students, enterprise, and education.

A variety of Higher EDU portals are in developement to include ones for community, corporate, partner, school, student, and more.

Follow our progress and get further details at our intro portal available here. Further opportunities to learn and participate are coming soon.

Here's a demo comparing a Microsoft intro portal with a complete, customized, website. Highlighting the ability to get started quickly....